Newsletter #6 - Accommodation & Public Transport

Newsletter 6 EN


Hello fellow unicyclists,


We have good news for the Unicon 17 family this week regarding lodging at Collège de Maisonneuve and public transport!



We are pleased to inform you that we created a partnership with the Canadian Red Cross to provide bed camps for people sleeping at the Collège de Maisonneuve at a cost of $15.00 CAD + taxes for the whole duration of your stay. We hope that this option will increase your comfort, simplify your transport and encourage more participants to enjoy the atmosphere of the convention! This option is now available on our registration website in the "Items" category. You will be able to add this specific item and pay via PayPal as you previously did for registering.


Construction at College de Maisonneuve requires us to temporarily limit the number of available lodging spots to 500. We therefore encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as possible if you are interested in this option. There are only 96 places left, but more may become available in the near future.


More exciting news: the cafeteria of the College will stay open all day during the event, offering complete lunches and dinners at affordable prices. You want to save on accommodation and food during your stay in Montreal? Then hurry up and book your spot at our convention center!



The best way to explore Montreal is by public transport (buses and underground trains). This is why your organization team is proud to announce that we also concluded an agreement with the Montreal Transport Society (STM) to offer special rates to participants registered to the event.


You can now buy a transit pass from the Unicon registration website giving you access to the entire STM network (bus and metro all over the island of Montreal) for a 14-days period and for the price of $30.00 CAD + taxes. This is a discount of almost 50% off the usual price! This deal will only be available online until May 31st.


The STM is granting all Unicon participants access to the whole Montreal public transport system at all time, on condition that the unicycles are inside unicycle bags. If your unicycles are not carried in a proper bag, you will not be able to take the buses with it at anytime or use the subways during the rush hours*.


Why use public transportation then? It lets you get to downtown Montréal from the convention center in less than 7 minutes, explore the Old Port, the Chinese district, the Mont-Royal, just to name a few, in a quick, fun and environmental way. Where else than Montréal can you do all of the above activities in just one afternoon, and conclude your day with a poutine in front of the Saint-Lawrence river?



Stay tuned for Newsletter #7 - Distance courses. We will be publishing maps of the courses, elevations and other technicalities.


Don’t miss your chance to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the world’s most diverse metropolises. Register online before prices go up on March 31st to make sure you are here in Montréal during Unicon 17 along with hundreds of other awesome unicyclists!


Ride on,
The Unicon 17 Organization Team


*The rush hours are from the opening of the metro to 10.00, and from 15.00 to 19.00, during the week days.