The finest ecosystems of the Americas are recreated with stunning realism, complete with plants and animals.

What you need to know
  • All year around
  • 9 to 18$ CAD
  • Target group : Family
  • Viau subway station

"The Montréal Biodôme offers a close encounter with its four Ecosystems of the Americas, where over 4,800 animals from 230 different species and 750 plant types coexist under the same roof. Experienced nature interpreters accompany guests on a trip that begins in the lush Tropical Rainforest, after which they travel to observe lynx, beavers, and otters in the Laurentian Maple Forest. The next stage allows visitors to appreciate the numerous birds and rich underwater fauna inhabiting the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the voyage concludes with the penguins and auks in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. A visit to the Montréal Biodôme is a unique experience" - Tourisme Montreal