Slopestyle Street

Date : August 10th 2014

Time : 11.00 - 16.00

Venue : Esplanade Financière Sun Life


Directors : Olaf Schlote, Hugo Duguay


Race on a linear obstacle course featuring scattered urban obstacles where a unicyclist will demonstrate technical tricks in a creative and fluid way. The winner is the one who accumulates the most points from the jury.



Here is a brief overview of the rules governing this competitoin, as well as specific rules to Unicon 17. For all the details, please refer to the 2013 IUF Competition Rulebook.



    • Standard unicycle, but no restriction. Metal pedals are allowed.


Safety gears

    • Shoes, knee pads, gloves and helmet are mandatory.

Specific Rules

Slopestyle Street is a timed competition held on a linear area which includes obstacles. One participant at a time has to do as many tricks as possible, as complex as possible before reaching the finish line. To add to the fluidity, obstacles will be positioned so that cranks line up.


The competition area will include a large stairset with handrails on both sides and smaller obstacles (rails, ledges, boxes).


Evaluation criterias are similar to those used in Street, plus a time factor to reward flow:

    • Variety
    • Consistency
    • Difficulty
    • Time

Riders are allowed to do tricks on flat ground without using obstacles.


Each rider will get 3 runs, the lowest scoring one will be removed and the two highest added together.


The 6 riders who scored highest will be going into finals. The same rules and criterias apply to finals.