Date : August 9th 2014

Time : 8.00 - 17.00

Venue : Centre Pierre-Charbonneau


Directors : Felix Dietze, Thomas Gossmann


X-Style is a new event for freestyle riders to show off their best and favourite skills in a fair competition. It aims to be amazing to watch for the audience while being challenging and fun for the competitors. X-Style should bring the flow and excitement of practising skills into competition.


General rules

Here is a brief overview of specific rules to Unicon 17.



    • Non-marking tires and plastic pedals

X-Style Rules

Competitors only care about skills. The system finds at least the best 3 riders.



Every competitor has a 2 minute run. The rider shows his/her skills during this time. A DJ is playing music for each run. After 2 minutes the DJ waits until the current skill is finished and stops the music. Riders can also hand in their own music. Riders can request a time notification before their run from the DJ. The DJ then gives a signal after one minute passed.


Starting Groups

The group of competing riders is split into random starting groups of about the same size with maximum 10 riders. There can be two distinct tournaments for junior (age less than 15) and senior (age 15 and older) riders. If there are obvious critical groups (e.g. all the best riders in one group), the chief judge is allowed to modify the groups.



The best 3 riders of each group advance to the next round, forming a new pool of competitors. If there is a tie on one of the first 3 places which extends to more than the 3 riders, all involved riders advance. This pool again gets split into starting groups and the next round begins. The final round consists of only one starting group. In the final round the best 3 riders are awarded for the first, second and third place of the competition.



The Chief Judge composes the Judging Table for each starting group. All judges can be active competitors or non-competitors. It is preferrable to have people with judging experience and competitors. Non-Competitors can apply for being a judge by contacting the Chief Judge in advance. The Chief Judge sets the application deadline. It is recommended that every starting group gets judged by another starting group. The judging table consists of at least 5 judges.



Every routine is judged by the judging table. One judging table stays for one starting group. Judges can judge alone or in pairs. Pair judges are referred to as one judge. The judge has to bring the riders of the current starting group in order by judging the difficulty of the shown skills. Assigning one rank to multiple riders is allowed.


Only mastered skills are taken into account. A skill is mastered when the rider reaches the point of being in control.




  • The landing of a unispin is part of the skill. The rider can only reach the point of beeing in control after landing. If the rider is hopping 4 times without control and then falls off the unicycle, the skill does not count.
  • In coasting, the rider is in control after getting far enough. Getting back to pedals is a separate skill.

Negative aspects like dismounts are ignored. Every judge can use blank sheets of paper to take notes.