Slow Races

Date : August 9th 2014

Heure : 10.00 - 20.00


Directors : Muriel Caire, Myriam Courtemanche


Slow races (forward or backward) where a unicyclist has to cross a wood plank of 10m x 30cm (0-10 forward, 11+ backward), 10m x 15cm (11+ forward) ou 10m x 60cm (0-10 backward) as slowly as possible.



Here is a brief overview of the rules governing this competitoin, as well as specific rules to Unicon 17. For all the details, please refer to the 2013 IUF Competition Rulebook.



    • Shoes should in no way be attached to the pedals.
    • Each participant will have 2 tries. Participants can come at any time during the day to do their attempts.


Safety gears

    • No protection required.