Track Coasting

Date : August 1st 2014

Time : 8.00 - 14.00

Venue : Parc Étienne-Desmarteau


Director : Muriel Caire, Myriam Courtemanche


Track race in which a unicyclist builds up speed before riding forwards yet without touching any part of his tire, wheel, or pedals (coasting). The winner is the one who gets the furthest on the track. 



Here is a brief overview of the rules governing this competitoin, as well as specific rules to Unicon 17. For all the details, please refer to the 2013 IUF Competition Rulebook.



    • To ensure everyone's safety as well as to maintain the quality of the track, only none metal pedals are accepted on the track.
    • Shoes should in no way be attached to the pedals.
    • Only slick tires or tires with very small knobs are allowed on the track.
    • Each participant will have 2 tries. Participants can come at any time during the day to do their attempts.


Safety gears

    • Shoes, knee pads and gloves are mandatory.